Reporters Without Borders and, partners against online surveillance and censorship

Sun, 2014-04-27 19:24

Reporters Without Borders

From the article:

Journalists use Tor to communicate in a safe and anonymous manner with sources, whistleblowers and dissidents. Tor can also be used to circumvent website blocking in many countries. Many Internet users in China, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey use Tor to access Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

In some countries that want to monitor and control all Internet connections, public access points to the Tor network are blocked. In partnership with the Tor Project and, Reporters Without Borders has therefore created and will maintain 250 new entry nodes to the Tor network. As these entry nodes will not be made public, authoritarian governments will not be able to block them.

Reporters Without Borders will also make the details of these non-public bridges available within its network and during the seminars on circumventing censorship and protecting communications that it organizes throughout the world.

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