Former Staff

Meet our former team members.

Dan Blah

Co-Founder Emeritus

Dan co-founded OTF in 2012 and was the organization’s inaugural director until 2019. Before directing the Open Technology Fund, Dan was a senior producer and technologist for the Al Jazeera Network based in Doha, Qatar. Leading up to and during the Arab Spring, he modernized traditional investigative journalist toolkits with safe communication technology to protect […]


Dan McDevitt

Former Communications Coordinator, OTF

Dan joined the OTF team in December 2014. As Communications Coordinator, Dan oversaw OTF’s external communications efforts, including OTF’s newsletter, blog, and social media. Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Loyola University Maryland and a master’s degree in international relations with a concentration in U.S. foreign policy and national security from American University’s […]


Dr. Corinne Cath

Vice President of Research Dr. Corinne Cath joined OTF in 2022 as the Vice President of Research. Corinne leads OTF’s research efforts which help to increase the internet freedom community’s access to and use of rigorous research related to global censorship and surveillance, and help advance a shared understanding of the fight for internet freedom. Corinne […]


Fiona Krakenbürger

Program Manager

Fiona joined the OTF team in January 2019. Before joining OTF, Fiona worked on transparency, civic tech and freedom of information at the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF). At OKF, Fiona was a program manager at the Prototype Fund, where she consulted, managed and coordinated the funded projects and teams. Before that, Fiona was a community […]


Jason Aul

Director of Communications & Outreach

Jason Aul joined OTF as the Director of Communications and Outreach. As the Director, Communications and Outreach, Jason is responsible for shaping and implementing OTF’s profile among stakeholders, including Congressional representatives, relevant media, coalition partners, and the broader Internet freedom community. Jason has a career-long background in communications, public affairs, and marketing, mostly recently as […]


Lauren Turner, Esq., CIPP/US

General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer As General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer, Lauren is responsible for evaluating and mitigating risk for the organization and for managing and overseeing all aspects of OTF’s operations, including compliance, tech ops, finance, and human resources. She takes a mission-first approach to her role, ensuring that OTF operates with […]


Libby Liu

Co-Founder Emeritus

Ms. Liu provided strategic and operational direction to OTF as it supported the development of global Internet freedom tools. In addition to directing operational policies and procedures, she coordinated issues in these areas with the USAGM, the International Broadcasting Bureau, other associated entities, and outside stakeholders.


Lindsay Beck

Former Digital Safety Director, OTF

Lindsay joined RFA in June 2014 as a program manager, actively engaged in OTF’s day-to-day operations. As the Digital Safety Director, Lindsay oversaw OTF’s digital security assistance portfolio and managed the Digital Integrity Fellowship Program. Prior to joining OTF, Lindsay worked for the National Democratic Institute, focusing on how NDI and its partners can safeguard […]


Sarah Aoun

Vice President of Security

Sarah Aoun joined OTF in 2019 as the Chief Technology Officer, and currently serves as the Vice President of Security. She leads OTF’s efforts to identify and track emerging threats relevant to OTF’s mission, and to advance the field of information security for journalists, human rights defenders, and high risk individuals. As an activist and […]


Stevan Youssef

Operations Specialist

Prior to joining OTF, Stevan worked in legislative politics with a particular focus on labor rights issues. As an Operations Specialist, Stevan is responsible for several compliance and finance processes and assists on special projects where appropriate.


Tara Tarakiyee

Program Manager, OTF

Tara joined OTF in December 2016 as Program Manager. Before joining OTF, Tara worked on coordinating programs that empower and support civil society groups that that use ICTs to contribute towards human rights at the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). At APC, Tara worked towards coordinating networking and capacity-building work with women’s and human rights […]


Yodit Sahelu Seyoum

Senior Accountant

Yodit Sahelu Seyoum has joined OTF as the organization’s Senior Accountant. Yodit supports OTF’s financial and accounting operations, ensuring the financial support of OTF’s funds, labs, and fellowship programs. Yodit’s interest in serving the internet freedom community stems from her global perspectives and care for the rights of others. Prior to joining OTF, Yodit worked […]