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The Open Technology Fund (OTF) is an independent non-profit organization committed to advancing global Internet freedom. OTF supports projects focused on counteracting repressive censorship and surveillance, enabling citizens worldwide to exercise their fundamental human rights online. Through the research, development, implementation, and sustainability of technologies that facilitate the free flow of information, increase at-risk users’ digital security, and enable free expression, the OTF community is working to shape the Internet as a platform that fosters unimpeded connection and collaboration - facilitating positive social progress and reinforcing core democratic values.

People behind OTF

Meet the the people behind OTF. Our Team, Advisory Council, and Fellows are a large community of people who speak dozens of languages, are from all over the world, know a lot about Internet freedom, support hundreds of projects, and know how to make yours succeed.

Values & Principles

Community, collaboration, and curiosity are the driving forces behind OTF. Through our work, we seek to act as responsible members of the Internet freedom community, foster collaboration across different groups, and maintain a sense of curiosity in exploring new ideas and solutions to counteract censorship and surveillance worldwide.

OTF's History

The Open Technology Fund (OTF) was created in 2012 to address the problems created by increasing levels of online Internet censorship and surveillance globally. Since then, OTF has supported the growth of the Internet freedom community to become a diverse, robust network creating technologies that serve billions of users worldwide.

Career Opportunities

At OTF, we share a commitment to advancing Internet freedom. No matter what we work on or where we work or what we do, our efforts all contribute to OTF's mission increasing free expression globally. Coming to philanthropy from a range of fields, members of our global team are driven, thoughtful, and creative. We embrace learning and collaboration. We are problem solvers supporting those solving really big problems.

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