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The next Internet Freedom Fund deadline is November 1. Apply now

In August, the Open Technology Fund continued to both receive a large number of support requests and to support a diverse portfolio of internet freedom projects and fellows addressing internet censorship and surveillance threats in closed societie

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Direct funding

Through direct funding, OTF provides projects or individuals with monetary support to accomplish specific goals in agreed upon timeframe. OTF is unique in that we can support any Internet freedom project (or individual work) deemed valuable regardless of size, location, or organizational type. Direct Funding Apply


Through trusted vendors, we provide projects with the opportunity to take advantage of various services designed to help them receive customized, continuous support. Accelerator Apply

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Our Team, Advisory Council, and Fellows are a 40+ person community who speak 10+ languages, are from all over the world, know a lot about Internet Freedom, are supporting 100+ projects, and know how to make your’s succeed.

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