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Every OTF-supported project produces something. Sometimes, the final product is a shiny new app that functions great, or perhaps a research write-up complete with graphics, charts, and eye-popping color. Other times, the final output might be a semi-functional beta release that still needs some work, or a research paper that could use a copy edit and cosmetic makeover. The Learning Lab will ensure that all OTF projects - big and small, successful or not - make good on our commitment to transparency and, most importantly, collective learning.

Through the Learning Lab, we'll be employing the help of researchers, writers, and graphic designers to help us track OTF projects across the finish line and ensure that, when the contract is closed out, we have something that recaps the effort - whether it was a slam dunk success or more of a learning exercise. In all cases, we feel that knowledge is created and should be shared with the Internet freedom community; the Learning Lab will make that happen.

To this end, the Learning Lab has writers and graphic designers available to help OTF-supported projects and fellows as their projects come to a close. If you're currently working on an OTF-supported project, please feel free to submit a request as your project nears completion.

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