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Learning Lab

Sharing the knowledge created through our projects and fellowships, and supporting their communications needs so they can reach their intended audiences.

This in-kind service helps OTF-supported projects and fellowships with their communications needs and contributes to knowledge sharing among the internet freedom community.

Our trusted Learning Lab vendors have expertise in research, writing, editing, graphic design, and communications strategy. They’ll work with you to ensure that whatever output you’re seeking—whether it’s a blog post or a promotional plan for your tool—reflects your needs and goals.

The Learning Lab provides a variety of assistance, including but not limited to:

  • Graphics, charts, and eye-popping design
  • Copy editing, editing, and writing (including technical report structure, blog posts, articles, and reports)
  • Communications and/or promotion strategy 
  • Research write-ups
  • Communications training 
  • Video concepts and production 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and can be submitted at any point during a project’s lifecycle with OTF. 

How to Apply

    Currently or recently supported OTF projects and fellowships complete a short online formApplications are accepted on a rolling basis.


    • Click the “Apply Now” button to access the application form
    • The Learning Lab Manager will contact you to set-up a meeting to learn more about your goals and needs.
    • After the initial meeting with the Learning Lab Manager, you’ll be connected with one of our vendors who will collaborate with you to achieve your desired output(s).

    Some of Our Partners

    3 Bridges

    3 Bridges works with technologists and advocates to tell compelling stories and strengthen the links between technology and accountability. Founder Jed Miller is a writer and strategist with over 20 years of experience leading digital transformation with human rights, policy advocacy, and donor organizations. Miller is working with OTF projects as a writer, editor, and communications strategist, to help groups illustrate the impact of their work and the high stakes of internet freedom tools and policies. 

    Jed Miller has worked as a non-profit leader and advisor to U.S. and international organizations including the Open Society Foundations, Greenpeace, and Global Witness. He is the former internet director of the American Civil Liberties Union and previously served as interactive editor moderating all online dialogue at The New York Times. He has written for the Ford Foundation, the Guardian, and the World Economic Forum, among others, and taught advocacy communications at the Columbia University School for International Public Affairs.

    Services include:

    • Writing, Editing, and Storytelling 

    • Strategic Communications Planning

    • Production Management

    • Copyediting for Technical Documentation

    Sample Learning Lab Projects:

    Supported languages:

    • English

    • French (written)

    Superbloom leverages design as a transformative practice to shift power in the tech ecosystem. It applies a holistic approach and views design as an intervention opportunity to center people and their needs. Its vision is a world where everyone has the knowledge, network, and digital tools needed to enrich their lives.

    As experienced design professionals, it supports projects around developing their brand materials, and applying their brand to communications tools (e.g., infographics, visualizations, and other materials, such as presentations, online presence, and document templates).

    Superbloom frequently works with project teams around their communications and content strategy, and supports them to better articulate their goals. For example, how to frame the information they need to communicate to different audiences in different contexts.

    Superbloom has significant experience working with high-risk individuals by developing secure research and communications protocols, and has shared resources for the community on how to learn from their methods.

    Services include:

    • Graphic Design & Visualization

    • Communications Strategy, Training, and Coaching

    Sample Learning Lab Projects:

    Supported languages:

    • English

    • French (intermediate)

    • German

    • Hungarian
    • Spanish

    The Moon Tide Collective

    The Moon Tide Collective is a fluid global South ecosystem of feminist consultants bringing knowledge and expertise from local social justice movements to current organizational challenges and projects. The Collective comprises writers, researchers, strategists, illustrators, campaigners, movers, embodied practitioners, and facilitators who are diverse in locality, perspective and professional strengths, and who share a common work ethic and enthusiasm for visualizing and manifesting social justice realities.

    The Collective is managed by Christy Alves Nascimento, a South African feminist with eight years’ experience supporting justice-driven organizations, funders, socially conscious companies, academic research departments, media houses and feminist collectives and consortia to deepen their impact and engagement with the audience they serve.

    Services include:

    • Strategic Communications

    • Writing and Editing

    • Text documentation of events and meetings

    Sample Learning Lab projects:

    Supported Languages:

    • English

    Ura Design

    Ura Design is a design collective based in Germany and Albania, focused on open source, secure, and privacy-preserving internet freedom projects. Since its inception in 2016, Ura has supported various organizations and software tools with accessibility support, UX design, user research and visual design services. Unlike a traditional design agency, they operate as a collective, with a shared workload transparent processes including various pro-bono projects. Some of Ura Design’s past partners include Mozilla, Tor Browser, Thunderbird, The Eclipse Foundation, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech University and the Technical University of Darmstadt.

    Services include:

    • Visual Design

    • Data visualization & charts
    • Publication Design
    • Communications Training and Coaching

    • Branding and Identity

    • Tone of Voice and Writing guidelines

    Sample Learning Lab Projects:

    Supported languages:

    • Albanian

    • English

    • French

    • German