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OTF Announces Libby Liu as Inaugural CEO


A New, Independent OTF


October 2019 Monthly Report


Alternative Sources of Support - October 2019

Funding opportunities from OTF and elsewhere

The Rise of Digital Authoritarianism in Egypt: Digital Expression Arrests from 2011-2019

Research conducted by an OTF Information Controls fellow finds a steep upward trend in digital expression violations in Egypt, with the crackdown focusing largely on social media activity.

September 2019 Monthly Report


Studying “Study the Great Nation”


An Empirical Study of the I2P Anonymity Network and its Censorship Resistance

2019-10-09 | By: Hoàng Nguyên Phong

August 2019 Monthly Report


Examining The Expanding Web of Chinese and Russian Information Controls

ICFP fellow Valentin Weber tracks the global diffusion of repressive information controls and techniques

July 2019 Monthly Report


Upcoming Event -- Surveillance for Sale: How China and Russia Export Repression Technology

New research to be released at this event tracks the export of Chinese and Russian censorship and surveillance technology around the world, providing fresh insight into the importance of telecommunications infrastructure to modern authoritarianism.
2019-08-29 | By: Dan McDevitt

Announcing the Community Prototype Fund

Supporting community-informed ground-breaking technology prototypes
2019-08-15 | By: Tara Tarakiyee

Alternative Sources of Support - July 2019

Funding opportunities from OTF and elsewhere
2019-07-26 | By: Dan McDevitt

June 2019 Monthly Report


Research Corner: "The use of TLS in Censorship Circumvention"

This is a guest blog post by Sergey Frolov and Eric Wustrow, authors of “The use of TLS in Censorship Circumvention,” a paper analyzing real-world TLS client implementations of several popular censorship circumvention tools. Beyond analyzing existing issues with TLS in circumvention tools, the authors went on to develop a solution that helps make TLS traffic in circumvention tools less susceptible to blocking by allowing their implementation to "automatically mimic other popular TLS implementations."

Chinese ‘Police App’ Discreetly Siphons, Insecurely Transmits User Data: Audit

The BXAQ app appears to be used by police to scan a tourist's phone for specific content, with the captured data then sent to a local file server “without any protections,” an OTF-supported security audit finds

Alternative Sources of Support - June 2019

Funding opportunities from OTF and elsewhere
2019-06-18 | By: Dan McDevitt

May 2019 Monthly Report


OTF Announces Laura Cunningham as Principal Director