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Guidelines for Creating a Digital Security Policy

OTF Digital Integrity Fellow Szeming worked over 12 months to improve the digital security practices of two Southeast Asian human rights organizations. In doing so, she not only created a digital security policy for the organizations, but also a checklist for small organizations to begin incorporating digital security best practices into their day-to-day work. Below, Szeming has shared from her experience how to ensure the longevity and sustainability of digital security assistance through the use of a digital security policy. Special thanks to Lobsang Gyatso of Tibet Action Institute for contributing thoughts and advice during the process.

Studying Information Control Diffusion: an Agenda for Further Research

As an OTF Information Controls fellow, Valentin Weber studied the spread of authoritarian technologies from China and Russia to other countries around the world. Here, Weber reflects on his research and the need for more focus on these issues, offering specific ideas for further research on the increasing adoption of information controls tools and techniques, and their impact on societies worldwide.
2020-02-06 | By: Valentin Weber

Alternative Sources of Support - January 2020

Funding opportunities from OTF and elsewhere

Announcing OTF’s Newest Class of Information Controls Fellows

Sixth cohort of ICFP fellows to research potential or existing circumvention techniques; the use of circumvention tools during censorship events; mitigating potential security vulnerabilities in access and privacy tools; identifying the specific tools used in individual countries for information controls; and more

December 2019 Monthly Report


Helping Quantify Online Controls

The magma guide launches the world’s first public framework for network interference research

Open Application: Information Controls Fellowship Program

Apply by February 24, 2020 to join OTF’s seventh ICFP fellowship cohort

Taking Anonymous Online Whistleblowing Global

This Learning Lab post looks at recent developments made by the team at secure submission platform GlobaLeaks through OTF support, including the project's goals, outcomes, and lessons learned in the process.

November 2019 Monthly Report


Alternative Sources of Support - December 2019

Funding opportunities from OTF and elsewhere

OTF Announces Libby Liu as Inaugural CEO


A New, Independent OTF


October 2019 Monthly Report


Alternative Sources of Support - October 2019

Funding opportunities from OTF and elsewhere

The Rise of Digital Authoritarianism in Egypt

Research conducted by an OTF Information Controls fellow finds a steep upward trend in digital expression violations in Egypt, with the crackdown focusing largely on social media activity.

September 2019 Monthly Report


Studying “Study the Great Nation”


An Empirical Study of the I2P Anonymity Network and its Censorship Resistance

2019-10-09 | By: Hoàng Nguyên Phong

August 2019 Monthly Report


Examining The Expanding Web of Chinese and Russian Information Controls

ICFP fellow Valentin Weber tracks the global diffusion of repressive information controls and techniques