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ICFP fellow Alexei Abrahams investigates information manipulation on social media in the Middle East

Alternative Sources of Support - May 2020

Funding opportunities from OTF and elsewhere

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FY 2018 Annual Report

OTF's FY 2018 Annual Report highlights the incredible projects, fellows, and initiatives working to advance internet freedom in the face of growing censorship and surveillance threats.

Introducing the Open Technology Fund Authorization Act

House Foreign Affairs Committee leadership has introduced “The Open Technology Fund Authorization Act” which would establish the Open Technology Fund (OTF) as an independent grantee of the US Agency for Global Media.

Tomorrow’s VPN…Today: Revolutionary WireGuard protocol enhanced, upstreamed, and incorporated into Linux 5.6

The integration of WireGuard—a revolutionarily simple open source VPN—into the Linux kernel is poised to lead the technology into a faster, more secure future with just 4,000 lines of code.

Join the OTF Team!

OTF is looking for passionate, creative Internet freedom defenders to join our amazing team!
2020-04-13 | By: Laura Cunningham

Announcing the latest class of DIFP Fellows

The Open Technology Fund (OTF) has selected 8 individuals as the newest Digital Integrity Fellowship Program (DIFP) fellows. The group will focus on providing digital security assistance to organizations facing internet freedom threats including targeted malware, DDoS attacks on their websites, mobile security needs and others to be discovered and remedied.
2020-04-10 | By: Lindsay Beck
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Detecting a New Form of Censorship in Iran


Increasing Rapid Response Support for COVID-19


“Fake News” As National Security Threat And Its Implications For Censorship, Digital Dissent, And Resistance in Malaysia

ICFP fellow Gabrielle Lim explores the use of “fake news” as justification for censorship-enabling legislation and the strategies of resistance used by civil society to combat such legislation.
2020-03-25 | By: Gabrielle Lim

February 2020 Monthly Report

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OTF’s Budget for the 2020 Fiscal Year


OONI Highlights: 2017-2019

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The Silencing Effect of Digital Transnational Repression

ICFP fellow Marcus Michaelsen examines the online efforts of authoritarian regimes to intimidate activists living abroad

January 2020 Monthly Report


Let’s Encrypt Launches Multi-Perspective Validation to Improve Domain Validation Security

OTF-supported effort seeks to mitigate the threat posed by a fundamental flaw in the way websites are verified

Guidelines for Creating a Digital Security Policy

OTF Digital Integrity Fellow Szeming worked over 12 months to improve the digital security practices of two Southeast Asian human rights organizations. In doing so, she not only created a digital security policy for the organizations, but also a checklist for small organizations to begin incorporating digital security best practices into their day-to-day work. Below, Szeming has shared from her experience how to ensure the longevity and sustainability of digital security assistance through the use of a digital security policy. Special thanks to Lobsang Gyatso of Tibet Action Institute for contributing thoughts and advice during the process.

Studying Information Control Diffusion: an Agenda for Further Research

As an OTF Information Controls fellow, Valentin Weber studied the spread of authoritarian technologies from China and Russia to other countries around the world. Here, Weber reflects on his research and the need for more focus on these issues, offering specific ideas for further research on the increasing adoption of information controls tools and techniques, and their impact on societies worldwide.
2020-02-06 | By: Valentin Weber

Alternative Sources of Support - January 2020

Funding opportunities from OTF and elsewhere