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The latest on our programs, press and research

Making Censorship Reports Accessible for All

With support from OTF’s Learning Lab, Ura Design increases web accessibility for reports from GreatFire’s IFF-funded AppleCensorship project.

Developing New VPN Experiments to Better Inform Circumvention Tactics

The following blog post was written by ICFP fellow Ain Ghazal as a summary of their work on Censorship Resistance Systems in global VPN infrastructure.

How can we improve the VPN ecosystem?

OTF Debrief on our VPN Convening

An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Internet Shutdowns

The following blog post was written by Michael Collyer, OTF Senior Fellow for the Information Controls Fellowship Program (ICFP), as a summary of their research on internet shutdowns and the creation of an interactive internet shutdown dashboard.

The decentralised infrastructure of online censorship in Asia

The following blog post was written by ICFP fellow Gurshabad Grover as a summary of their work and research on online censorship in Asia.

OTF’s Ramy Raoof awarded 2023 Burke Award from USAGM

OTF is thrilled to celebrate Ramy Raoof and his work supporting sustainable FOSS ecosystems, and congratulate him as a recipient of this year’s David Burke Distinguished Journalism Award from USAGM.

Shutdown Getdown Debrief - Technology and Design

Our final "Shutdown Getdown" blog post on technology and design is written by Superbloom (previously known as Simply Secure) and Okthanks

Shutdown Getodown Debrief – Mitigating and Preparing for Internet Shutdowns


2023 OTF Summit Recap

OTF held its eighth summit on January 24 - 26, 2023 - the first in-person summit since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shutdown Getdown Debrief – Network Measurement & Research


OTF Debrief – Introducing the Shutdown Getdown


Building Bridges in Times of War

With support from OTF’s Rapid Response Fund, the Tor Project provides continued access to the open internet in the face of increased censorship surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Surge and Sustain Fund Established to Respond to Growing Demand for Circumvention Tools

The Surge and Sustain Fund will be the primary way that OTF provides resources to leading VPN and circumvention solutions to support user costs in highly restrictive environments.

Countering Digital Authoritarianism Will Require Support from Governments and Philanthropists


Open Technology Fund Announces ‘Free and Open Source Software’ Sustainability Fund

OTF’s newest fund helps to support sustainable FOSS ecosystems.

OTF & Geographic Focus

OTF relies on the country or geography being focused on to make funding determinations. This post seeks to clarify and highlight the ongoing opportunities for support to a wide range of potential candidates.

OTF’s Budget for the 2023 Fiscal Year


Information Controls Fellowship Program Open for Applications

OTF’s Information Controls Fellowship Program (ICFP) is open for applications for its ninth fellowship cohort, with a final deadline of February 20, 2023.

2022 Review and Cheers to 2023

It has been a crucial year in the fight for internet freedom.

Profiling Internet Censors: Methods to Measure and Locate Censorship Devices

The following blog post was written by ICFP fellow Ram Sundara Raman as a summary of their research on censorship devices.

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