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The Guardian Project


The Guardian Project aims to create easy to use apps, open-source firmware MODs, and customized, commercial mobile phones that can be used and deployed around the world, by any person looking to protect their communications and personal data from unjust intrusion and monitoring.

2015 support focused on the continued development and launch of Bazaar, helping create a complete distribution ecosystem for Internet freedom tools that provides secure, streamlined tools for developers and organizations, while providing an easy “app store” experience with built-in circumvention. Android platform, the largest smartphone platform around the world. It will act a secure alternative to the Google PlayStore.

2019 Community Lab support focused on creating a tutorial for Circulo, a safety app created by the Guardian Project for female journalists in Mexico. Circulo combines a set of features available in many other safety apps like live geolocation, with a set of unique functions that enhance the privacy and safety of users, which some users find hard to understand. The goal of the project is to create a step by step tutorial that will accompany the app's impending launch in 2020. The output for the project will be an audiovisual user guide explaining the purpose of the app and its main features. The guide will also be added to the Google Store description section of the app, the Guardian Project F-Droid repository and Guardian Project’s website.

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Funding to date

2012 $388,500 18 months
2015 $468,875 18 months
Internet Freedom Fund
2019 $4,000 1 months
Community Lab
2018 $346,000 24 months

Total Funding: $1,207,375

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