Nawaat Pushes Boundaries in Tunisia With New Whistleblowing Platform

Thu, 2014-06-19 20:15

Tech President

From the article:

Gharbia and Guerfali’s plan is to grow Nawaat into a vehicle for powerful investigative journalism and also a tool for whistleblowers to voice their concerns through a platform that enables them to protect their identity, even from Gharbia and Guerfali. The NawaatLeaks whistle-blowing site launched on March 27 with the help of the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights, an advocacy group that creates “software for social change,” said Fabio Pietrosanti, one of its founding members.

The whistle-blowing software Pietrosanti and his team built focuses on making the user aware of technology’s limitations and how to protect against them. He says that, in the end, “technology will not save the whistleblower,” only an awareness of its limitations will. The open-source GlobaLeaks platform, which NawaatLeaks adapted, builds this awareness into its software by forcing whistleblowers to acknowledge risks before submitting a leak. For example, “If a user didn’t submit his own PGP key for his encryption, he will get a warning over and over again,” said Pietrosanti.

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