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GlobaLeaks is the first open-source secure submission framework. GlobaLeaks is free, open source software enabling anyone to easily set up and maintain a secure whistleblowing platform

A world in which every person can easily access secure whistleblowing tools to report wrongdoings and human rights violations, to promote the values of transparency and anti-corruption. This is the vision of GlobaLeaks. In pursuit of this vision, the mission of GlobaLeaks is to research and develop a whistleblowing project development framework.

GlobaLeaks empowers anyone to easily set up and maintain a secure submission platform. GlobaLeaks can help many different types of users: media organizations, activist groups, corporations and public agencies. The project integrated a variety of new and requested features primarily focused on expanding the capabilities and security of the platform while simultaneously increasing usability. This project focused on taking Globaleaks from a successful prototype to a mature and stable “product-level” software by addressing a large set of non-functional requirements.

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Funding to date

2012 $108,400.00 12 months
2014 $235,440.00 18 months
2017 $109,167.00 12 months

Total Funding: $453,007.00

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