PyCIRCLean is the core Python code used by CIRCLean, an open-source USB key and document sanitizer created by CIRCL.

The PyCIRCLean module has been separated from the device-specific scripts and can be used for dedicated security applications to sanitize documents from hostile environments to trusted environments. PyCIRCLean is currently Python 3.3+ compatible.

This report documents the findings of a Cure53 assessment of the PyCIRCLean suite. The project, which was carried out over the course of eight days in May and June of 2017, covered the Python library and the implementing CIRCLean tool (i.e. PyCIRCLean deployed on a Raspberry Pi). Five testers from the Cure53 team completed this assessment which, ultimately, yielded nine security-relevant findings.

For methodology, Cure53 testers followed the white-box procedures with reference to being granted access to the source code subjected to audit. The detection of any features pertinent to malicious files constituted the core focus of the test. Additional efforts were dedicated to close observation of the general file communication and analysis process.

The full audit and summary of findings can be found below.

PyCIRCLean Penetration Test and Audit