ASL19 is an independent technology organisation that works toward practical responses for online access to information.

Subgraph conducted a security assessment of ASL19. The base methodology for this audit is the SAFETAG framework ( ASL19 is an organization that is primarily focused on helping Iranians access the Internet without restrictions. ASL19 is primarily a software development shop. They produce and help distribute applications that assist individuals in Iran with circumvention of nation-spanning Internet censorship. All software development is done in-house by ASL19 staff members who comprise about half of the total ASL19 staff. Graphic design work is also done in-house by ASL19 staff.

The data of highest sensitivity at ASL19 is the collection of identities of organization staff. Most ASL19 staff use pseudonyms because of the risk of harassment and threats to personal security. ASL19 is a potential target of state level threats.

The full security assessment report and summary of findings for ASL19 can be found below.

ASL19 Security Assessment