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IJOP Chinese Police App

The Integrated Joint Operations Platform (IJOP) is a policing program based on big data analysis in Xinjiang, one of the most repressive regions in the world.

This report documents the findings of a Cure53 assessment targeting the Integrated Joint Operations Platform (IJOP) mobile app. This project was requested by Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Cure53 carried out a source code audit and a dedicated review of the IJOP mobile application in late November 2018. The project followed a so-called white box methodology as much as possible, particularly in a sense that the assessment included reviewing and targeted investigations of the decompiled source code of the application, which had been made available to Cure53 as an APK file by the HRW. In addition, HRW furnished other, previously acquired data and material to Cure53, so that a better coverage could be accomplished.

The full audit and summary of findings can be found below.

IJOP Source Code Audit

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