Annual report

It is important to us to keep our processes transparent so that anyone can see how we spend our money and what results we achieve.

Annual Report

This OTF annual report serves as a thorough introduction to the program, its goals, and its existing and future commitments to the larger Internet freedom community. This report highlights important facets of OTF’s work and the projects OTF supports – their accomplishments and their ongoing work. This report provides the public with a deep look inside OTF’s internal processes. Finally, this report will introduce OTF’s anticipated future work.

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Effectively Leveraging Funds

  • OTF is currently managing 83 projects, supporting over 2,700 developers, technologists, and translators.
  • There are over 750 million people using OTF-supported tools to circumvent online censorship and increase their digital security.
  • OTF tools are available in over 200 languages and dialects for people in all 190 countries.
  • Open and rolling public call for applications allows for any Internet freedom technology project (no matter its size) to receive financial support for their work, encouraging newcomers with fresh ideas and approaches to receive public funds for their work.
  • Circumvention and secure communication tools have been developed from regional experts in censorship and surveillance techniques by China, the MENA region, Cuba, and other internet-repressive environments, allowing local free expression activists to circumvent the censorship environments they face and uniquely understand.
  • Our joint funding to date is over $200m, and OTF has formally or informally helped direct over $32m of non-public funds in this space.
  • Collaborating and Oversight with Experts
  • OTF leverages an advisory council of global representatives from academia, industry, and civil society with deep knowledge in technology development and human rights to identify and support innovative techniques to ensure unfettered access to the internet and mobile communications
  • OTF’s approach to identify and support next-generation internet freedom technologies has led to the development of first-of-its kind tools which support encryption of text messages and mobile phone calls, detection of mobile phone censorship and intrusion efforts, and technologies which allow transfer of data without use of the internet or mobile networks. Such efforts allow users facing changing methods of curtailing free expression online to continue to communicate safely.
  • OTF engages legal, cryptographic, technological and user experience experts to ensure that OTF-funded projects are as secure, compliant, and user-friendly as possible.

Notable Program Successes

  • OTF enables real-time censorship monitoring and reporting on a global server platform.
  • OTF conducts break-through studies on baseline cellular and digital censorship infrastructure, and supports further development of user-friendly censorship detection and bypassing tools.
  • OTF supports ground-breaking studies on user-generated circumvention behavior and ethnography of digital activists in Asia.
  • OTF co-funds the expansion of mesh network capabilities to include multi-platform, multi-device and designed for easy deployment.
  • OTF supports multiple circumvention technologies which directly challenge and overcome the Great Firewall of China.