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The Community Lab provides services that empower the community to become stronger and vibrant by focusing on cultivating deeper trust relationships, improving knowledge share and collaboration, and supporting and diversifying the next generation of leaders.
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Setting the stage

Please note, applications must be received a minimum of three months before the event.

Goals of the Community Lab:

Building Community Networks By its nature, the Internet Freedom community is global and cross-cultural. We help the community build spaces that empower individuals to network, collectively address existing and emerging needs and opportunities, share resources and knowledge, build synergies, and collectively strategize.

Community Research We believe the communities we serve should determine their greatest challenges, needs and appropriate solutions. Generating collective intelligence about the state of various segments of the field, enables OTF, other funders, partners, and projects better understand how to support the ecosystem, while gaining insight into where and how to target future investments.

Leadership Development As challenges become more localized, it is important to identify and help develop the next generation of leaders within affected communities and relevant areas of expertise.

Diversifying the Internet Freedom Space All voices should be properly represented in the Internet freedom community, and everyone should feel welcomed and empowered within community. We believe that bringing cross-cultural communications and diversity building strategies to the community is essential for their sustainability.

Services offered through this lab include: Consultation, regarding topics like outreach strategy, event management, facilitation, community building, business modeling, and more; Mentorship, including connecting new internet freedom leaders to the global community. Community Content, such as publishing written articles on internet freedom issues from community members; Community Events, including supporting gatherings that enable collaboration and knowledge share between projects in specific technology practice areas.

Community Lab-supported events should:

  • Introduce new voices and perspectives to the net freedom community
  • Improve knowledge of the current needs of individuals experiencing repressive censorship or surveillance
  • Facilitate collaboration and intersectionality between different projects, people, and outlooks through resource sharing and other means

The Community Lab prioritizes new projects that have not received funding in the past, as well as those being organized by communities most affected by censorship and surveillance.

Review panel

The following are things we look for in community lab supported events: - Bring in new voices not well represented in current conversations - Improve the knowledge and information available about the current needs of individuals experiencing repressive censorship or surveillance. - Help create collaboration and intersectionality, including the sharing of resources. - We prioritize new projects that have not received funding in the past, as well as those being organized by the communities most affected by censorship and surveillance. All proposals must go through an internal review process, and funding decisions are left to OTF’s discretion.

Application requirements, submission, and deadlines

Other requests

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Sep 1, 2018
The Internet Freedom Fund is OTF's primary way to support projects and people working on open and accessible technology-centric projects that promote human rights, internet freedom, open societies, and help advance inclusive and safe access to global communications networks for at-risk users including journalists, human rights defenders, civil society activists, and every-day people living within repressive environments who wish to speak freely online.
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The Rapid Response Fund aims to facilitate the digital emergency response community to resolve threats in a timely and comprehensive manner for individuals, communities, and organizations whose free expression has recently been repressed. To resolve digital emergencies, OTF offers both direct financial support as well as technical services from trusted partners to high-risk people and organizations, such as bloggers, cyber activists, journalists, and human rights defenders.
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Sep 1, 2018
The Core Infrastructure Fund supports the ‘building block’ technologies, infrastructures, and communities relied upon by digital security and circumvention tools strengthening internet freedom, digital security, and the overall health of the internet.