Mobile Surveillance Monitor (MSM) is a multi-source threat intelligence solution, designed to analyze and provide insights into active surveillance threats targeting the phones of at-risk individuals and groups around the world.

In response to years of growth in targeted device spyware and network-originated surveillance threats, MSM uses a combination of location analytics and data science with a variety of threat sources provided by leading NGO research, private cybersecurity threat intelligence, and open source communities.

The solution will expose threat actors through publicly-accessible dashboards showing indicators of device and network-based surveillance attacks with notifications, research tools, and actionable reports to provide an early-warning threat radar system to expose the sources of mobile repression across the globe.

The project aims to increase attention and better understand the scale of mobile surveillance. The increased transparency into threats will enable the journalism community, NGOs, and security researchers to improve their forensic capabilities, providing a sounding-board to the citizens of countries affected, and provide actionable insights needed to help improve the security of mobile networks.

MSM was originally funded by OTF to measure threat vectors of mobile networks worldwide and provide visual indicators to identify countries and network sponsors of mobile surveillance. The tool can identify threats by type, attack method, threat activity volume, and the network technology. With this new round of support, the project will improve the tool as a resource for digital security help desks, as well as journalists and researchers in the internet freedom community.