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Open Internet Tools Project

OpenITP supports and incubates a collection of free and open source projects that enable anonymous, secure, reliable, and unrestricted communication on the Internet. Its goal is to enable people to talk directly to each other without being censored, surveilled or restricted. The project focus is on creating a report assessing users of circumvention technology in China.

Funding to date

$125 000
12 months
Total funding: 
$125 000
Current project status
  • Just an Idea (Pre-alpha)
  • It Exists! (Alpha/Beta)
  • It's basically done. (Release)
  • People Use It. (Production)
Technology focus

Similar projects

Net Alert will bring together well respected researchers in the circumvention tech space to investigate targeted digital attacks against at-risk populations. Participating organizations and/or individuals include Open Effect, The Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs, and professor Jedidiah Crandall at the University of New Mexico.