Stefania is a researcher, writer and digital rights activist whose work explores the intersection of technology, governance and activism.

She is particularly interested in infrastructures, and the possibilities of self organization, emancipation, and autonomy they open up. She works out of the University of Amsterdam, where she is Associate Professor of New Media at the Department of Media Studies. Among others, Stefania is Project Leader of “Citizenship and standard-setting in digital networks” (, funded by the Dutch Research Council. In 2015-2021 she was the Principal Investigator of DATACTIVE and of the Algorithms Exposed (ALEX) project (, both funded by the European Research Council. In 2017, she co-founded the Big Data from the South Research Initiative, investigating the impact of datafication and surveillance on communities at the margins. Prior to joining the University of Amsterdam, she worked at, among others, the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto and the Central European University. Outside office hours, she enjoys cycling, boxing and mountaineering.