Roya Ensafi is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan, where her research focuses on computer networking, security, and privacy. She designs scalable techniques and systems to protect users’ Internet connections from disruption and surveillance. Roya is best known for her work in the area of Internet censorship, where she pioneered the use of side-channels to remotely measure adversarial manipulation of Internet traffic. She founded CensoredPlanet a global censorship observatory that continuously monitors various types of network interference in over 170 countries since August 2018. Her notable projects with real-world impact include researching and documenting the Kazakhstan HTTPS MitM interception, the Great Cannon of China, and large-scale study of server-side geoblocking. She has received the NSF CISE Research Initiation Initiative award and the Google Faculty Research Award. Prior to joining Michigan, she was a postdoc at Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP). Roya is on the Information Controls Fellowship Program Advisory Council.