Marcin de Kaminski joined OTF as the Vice President of Programs in 2023. Marcin leads OTFs programmatic efforts to support internet freedom technologies, drive innovation and support individuals and organizations protecting the free flow of information, press freedom, and human rights around the globe.

Marcin previously worked as a Policy Specialist at the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), with a specific focus on ICT and internet freedom technologies. He coordinated large parts of Sida’s efforts within the digital sector, including accessibility issues, technology, and innovation. Marcin was also part of the team at Sida organizing the Stockholm Internet Forum, which gathered participants from many countries to discuss issues of internet freedom technology, governance, and related issues. 

Most recently Marcin was the Director of Security and Innovation at the Swedish-based international human rights organization Civil Rights Defenders. Marcin led the organization’s work on safety and protection of human rights defenders, including its global rapid response mechanism and also spearheaded innovative protection programs ensuring the safety of most-at-risk human rights defenders in some of the most repressive environments of the world.

He has a background as an internet researcher and has previously been involved in various projects related to social innovation along with online social and legal norms. Marcin previously served as a member of OTF’s all-volunteer Advisory Council, where he provided insight to ensure that OTF’s Internet Freedom Fund proposals are competitive and support the needs of the internet freedom community.