Cheekay Cinco has been involved in the strategic use of technologies for activism since 1998. She works primarily with feminist movements and communities, specifically located in the Global South. She is a trainer, evaluator and facilitator. She is based in the Philippines.

She was part of the team that organised and hosted the Women´s Electronic Network Training (WENT) in Asia, which brought together women from women´s rights groups in the region for a five-day training on internet technologies from 1999 – 2003. She was project staff in the Association for Progressive Communications for ten years, where she honed her skills in conducting gender evaluations of technology-based projects, and event facilitation skills. In EngageMedia, she managed the Skills and Strategies Programme, the Video4Change Network, the Myanmar Programme and the Digital Rights Programme. During her time in EngageMedia, she also served as the Digital Integrity Fellowship mentor for the first year cohort.

These past few years, she has been a freelance consultant with groups and communities in their strategic and secure use of technologies. Her most recent work has been working with women´s funds to secure their communications and processes, working with a team of feminist trainers to develop and apply curricula on feminism and digital security, facilitating planning and strategy workshops for women´s rights and women-led organisations, and evaluating digital security initiatives for their relevance in the Global South context.