Localizing Internet Freedom Projects

Sun, 2013-12-01 22:21

OTF strives to address common expenses and problems through a systematic approach. One of the most apparent challenges is that even after a tool has been developed, audited, beta tested and launched, one additional and critical phase is not addressed. That phase is localization. If something isn’t available in the native language of the user, it is unlikely to be adopted. OTF undertook an effort to combat this deficiency.

Transifex is an online translation platform that provides an easy means for any multi-lingual individual to contribute translations to any project using the service. Many Internet privacy and security tools rely on Transifex to help translate with ‘professional’ translations being out of reach. This effort creates an umbrella account for Internet freedom projects within Transifex. The account offers translators and relevant tools a central location for their collaborative work. This includes easily identifying translators, interested translators finding your project and a common glossary.

With all the existing users and numerous features, OTF is working with the Open Internet Tools Project (OpenITP) to manage, grow and improve the OTF umbrella account to ensure it addresses the needs of the community. OpenITP is not only helping with this effort but also taking a more holistic approach through their l10n initiative. This initiative will facilitate the growing community of translators interested in contributing translations for Internet privacy and security projects.

We are excited to see this resource being used by an increasing number of projects and translators. The effort has undoubtedly made these tools more accessible and we expect these benefits to continue to grow.

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