FreeWeChat Now Live

Track censored posts on China's biggest social network
Mon, 2016-11-21 04:48

The OTF-supported FreeWeChat platform is now publicly available [here], allowing anyone to see what public posts have been censored by Chinese authorities on the popular WeChat application.

WeChat is one of the fasting growing and most popular chat apps in China, boasting over 700 million active users. Censorship and surveillance on WeChat is prevalent, as documented by OTF fellows in the past.

FreeWeChat allows you to see what WeChat public posts are being censored by Chinese authorities. Each day, FreeWeChat identifies hundreds of censored posts.

Censored posts are tracked, compiled, and posted to the site rapidly, allowing for a real-time look at what content is being blocked by China.

Explore the FreeWeChat platform and find out what China’s Great Firewall is blocking on WeChat now:

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