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The latest on our programs, press and research

Understanding India’s Troubling Rise in Internet Shutdowns

ICFP fellow Kris Ruijgrok examines the motivations and decision-making processes behind the recent trend

Open Technology Fund is hiring - Join the OTF team!


OTF to Accept Applications (May 17-June 30, 2021) for Information Controls Fellowship Program

Apply by June 30, 2021 to join OTF’s eighth ICFP fellowship cohort

Join the OTF Team!


A Call for More Expansive and Holistic Digital Security Training Materials

DIFP fellow Tawanda Mugari’s work in rural Zimbabwe reveals glaring gaps in training coverage - particularly for children of at-risk adults

Securing Critical Infrastructure

OTF launched the Core Infrastructure fund in 2015 to make sure internet freedom tools runs on secure internet infrastructure they can rely on. As part of our revamp, we simplified our intake process, and while CIF will no longer have it's own application, it still remains an important area of work for us. In this blog post we outline why.
2021-04-08 | By: Tara Tarakiyee

IFF Application Update #2

In this blog post we will explain our reasoning behind adding categories, removing deadlines, and debuting our concept note walkthrough video.

TikTok vs Douyin - A Security and Privacy Analysis

2021-03-23 | By: Pellaeon Lin

OTF is Accepting Applications for the Internet Freedom Fund + Single Button Apply

OTF is extremely pleased to announce that we are reopening our Internet Freedom Fund for applications.

Now Accepting Applications for the OTF Usability Lab

OTF is excited to announce that we are accepting applications for Usability Lab services.
2021-03-05 | By: Tara Tarakiyee

OTF Solidarity Summit Recap

OTF held its seventh summit on Jan 11-15, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's meeting took place online.

The OTF Rapid Response Fund is Open!

OTF is excited to announce that we have reopened our Rapid Response Fund and are now accepting applications.

Evading Information Controls with biton

We celebrate the Internet as a safe space, where we communicate and express ourselves free of censorship and surveillance, connecting through the people we trust. And you are invited!
2021-01-12 | By: Marios Isaakidis

Announcing OTF’s Latest Class of Information Controls Fellows

Seventh cohort of ICFP fellows to research various censorship techniques employed by China and avenues for circumvention. This includes exploring DNS poisoning via forged IP addresses, interference with popular circumvention protocols and user-created censorship circumvention techniques on Chinese social media platforms.

Information Controls In An Unprotected Legal Landscape

ICFP fellow Phyu Phyu Kyaw studies the rise of online censorship and surveillance in Myanmar

2018 ICFP Wrap up

OTF’s fifth class of Information Controls Fellowship Program (ICFP) fellows was a diverse group comprised of computer scientists, misinformation researchers, network measurement researcher, for example. With the cohort’s fellowships completed, we’d like to highlight these fellows and the accomplishments they achieved during their time as ICFP fellows.

Introducing Icarus Project

An online repository for documented Internet censorship circumvention techniques and methods.

Alternative Sources of Support - September 2020

Funding opportunities from OTF and elsewhere


Based on analysis of thousands of satellite images and interviews with former detainees, researchers identified more than 260 structures built since 2017 and bearing the hallmarks of fortified detention compounds in Xinjiang.

Alternative Sources of Support - August 2020

Funding opportunities from OTF and elsewhere

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