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Through direct funding, OTF provides projects or individuals with monetary support to accomplish specific goals in agreed upon time-frame. This differs from our services, which offer continuous customized sustenance in the form of technical resources, strategic partnerships, and mentor-ship.

If You Have a Good Idea, We Will Find a Way to Support You
OTF is unique in that we can support any Internet freedom project (or individual work) deemed valuable regardless of size, location, or organizational type. This allows us to empower a new pool of talent that may not have been otherwise supported. We are committed to increasing diversity in the Internet freedom community.

Core Objectives
OTF supports efforts that:

  • Advance research into repressive internet interference on modern communication networks and the methodologies and technologies to best circumvent it;
  • Foster development of technologies that circumvent repressive censorship and surveillance or increase communication access and safety; and
  • Enable widespread implementation of solutions in an effort to free people from repressive internet interference;

    and aim to increase:

  • Access to the internet, including by way of circumvention tools;
  • Awareness of access, privacy, or security threats, including by way of research, censorship detection, measurement platforms, and increasing digital security know-how among targeted groups;
  • Privacy for at-risk users; and

  • Security against threats to internet access and safety.

Value & Trust
We are also committed to supporting initiatives that bring real value to activists throughout the world, and are seen as trustworthy by the Internet freedom community. To help us navigate through the technological noise, we have assembled an Advisory Board comprised of respected Internet Freedom community members, who are a key part of the review process.

We fund projects:

Internet Freedom Fund
The Internet Freedom Fund supports projects that develop open and accessible technologies promoting human rights and open societies, and help advance inclusive and safe access to global communications networks. Projects are awarded monetary support up to $900,000, with preference given to entities who are new to the Internet freedom community and requesting less than $300,000 for a duration less than 12 months.

Rapid Response Fund
The Rapid Response Fund provides support to mitigate highly time-sensitive and urgent digital threats to Internet freedom, freedom of expression, and other human rights repressed online, specifically in repressive and transitional environments.

Core Infrastructure Fund
The Core Infrastructure Fund supports digital security and circumvention “plumbing” projects. This may include efforts focused on sustaining or improving PGP, SSL, SSH, Tor, OTR, pluggable transports, code libraries, and other technologies used within the core building blocks of everyday Internet Freedom technology used by people throughout the world to increase their access, privacy, and security online.

Labs are available to all OTF projects, and any project or organization who fit within OTF’s mission. Through trusted vendors, we provide projects with the opportunity to take advantage of various services designed to help them receive customized, continuous support. Current labs include Community, Engineering, Legal, Localization, Usability, and Red Team.

We fund people:

We offer two fellowship programs meant to support individuals doing valuable work in the fields of Internet freedom. Fellowships are focused on researchers, technology development, and digital security trainers. These fellowships are designed to create current and future capacity for a workforce specializing in Internet freedom disciplines. They are administered in partnerships with organizations that have the expertise, the capacity to mentor and a commitment to Internet freedom work. They include:

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