Vivian Zúñiga lives in Costa Rica, Central America. She has been an active member of Sulá Batsú Cooperative for 13 years, where she has worked in logistics, execution of different projects as well as digital training with different populations in the region. She is also part of the Cybersecurity Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Communications in Costa Rica.

In 2016, she became part of the Advisory Board of the IFF: a group of different organizations and  multiple discipline representatives that support the Festival Management to advise in solidarity and commitment this space that strengthens our community.

During her fellowship with OTF, she worked in four Central American countries (Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica) strengthening the knowledge of social organizations’ issues such as secure communications and effective forms of communication and management of sensitive information, which will seek digital equality and the narrowing of the digital divide, particularly in the current political situation in the region.

The work was carried out with a methodology built during the fellowship process and she worked with groups of women, indigenous peoples, journalists, and other emerging networks and organizations that have not had access to training on secure communications. Further, a small ecosystem or network of these organizations was created to share their knowledge on certain issues and share common interests in the region.