Information Controls Fellow

Chiang Min-yen has held a research position at Secdev Group since November 2023 and specializes in the long-term research domain of the international political economy of semiconductors. He has also been extensively involved in regional human rights activism in East Asia, with a particular focus on China’s aggression toward peripheral democracies. To address issues concerning Chinese authoritarian diffusion, he primarily conducts in-depth research examining Chinese economic coercion against Taiwan and China’s strategies to counteract international sanctions.

In his year-long project under ICFP, he will expand the research scope to explore the development of AI chips in China, reviewing the intersection of Chinese digital totalitarianism and emerging trends of AI chips, with a view from the global chip supply chain. Min-yen plans to utilize social scientific methods, such as interviews, enterprise tracking, and text analysis, to present the research findings. He also looks forward to engaging with communities of technology and OTF fellows to enrich his research vision. Aside from presenting the main findings through a strictly formatted and comprehensive research report, he intends to provide insights into data collection and information retrieval strategies for future researchers.

Min-yen’s ICFP project is hosted by Secdev Group, located in Ottawa, Canada, but he will also travel around Taiwan and Washington, DC to expand the research network. Currently, Min-yen is involved in collaborative efforts with Taiwanese institutions, including the Taiwan Economic Democracy Union and the Research Institute for Democracy, Society, and Emerging Technologies.