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Esther Rodriguez


Information Controls Fellow


An an Information Controls Fellow, Esther will conduct a security and privacy audit of a messaging application popular in several Asian countries.

Some countries are pushing to create restrictive online policies and laws against the spread of misinformation. In particular, LINE is currently in the spotlight in Taiwan as the country aims to battle disinformation campaigns spread as messages through its group chat. It is important that at risk-users in repressive environments acknowledge threats a state actor could pose to a group chat app. The company that owns the messaging application publicly claims that communications on the platform are secure, but they have not disclosed key details to back up that claim. Esther will work with the University of New Mexico to perform cryptanalysis on LINE’s group chat protocol to discover specifics of vulnerabilities to users. The findings will be disseminated to maintainers of relevant training materials, such as those designed for human rights, media, or other civil society actors.

Funding to date

2019 $41,550 9 months
Information Controls Fellowship

Total Funding: $41,550