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My Apply

Enrico Calandro


Information Controls Fellow


As a Senior Information Controls Fellow, Enrico Calandro was hosted by Research ICT Africa to investigate African users awareness and experience of censorship, surveillance, and internet safety and security, in order to assess levels of trust and mistrust of the internet in three African countries: South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

Enrico also spent considerable energy on Internet governance and policy issues. He participated in a panel at the Internet Governance Forum and presented his research at the Africa Internet Summit in Tunis on institutional arrangements for Internet governance in Africa. He also discussed his findings with many organisations working in the internet governance domain including ISOC, AfriNIC, and NEPAD Agency. Enrico also submitted an analysis of the draft cybercrime bill being debated in South Africa, published a piece on the need for UN initiatives on global connectivity to better focus on digital rights and offered an African perspective on Internet governance.

Funding to date

2015 $55,400 12 months
Information Controls Fellowship

Total Funding: $55,400


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