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My Apply

Eman Jaradat


Program Manager


Eman joined the OTF team in April 2020.

Before joining OTF, Eman worked on supporting community media broadcasting, access to information and freedom of expression at Community Media Solutions. At CMS, Eman supported the development of independent and community media groups and managed the grants of the Aswatona Fund for Media Development to enhance the independent media sector and support national advocacy efforts in the MENA region. 

Eman is a co-founder of the Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA) where she contributed to the establishment of the digital rights program and worked on researching policies impacting technology users rights, surveillance and content blocking in Jordan and other countries in the region. 

Eman has a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of Jordan and a postgraduate diploma in social innovation in a digital context from Lund University in Sweden. 

Email: [email protected]

PGP fingerprint: 243C 30A0 C2D1 0E2E DE61 D443 DFAF 09AD A3C2 6C96


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