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We recognize that early stage projects require more than monetary support to attain success. Through trusted vendors, we provide projects with the opportunity to take advantage of various services designed to help them receive customized, continuous support. Services are different from funding, which is typically only comprised of monetary support to accomplish specific goals in an agreed upon timeframe - and requires re-application once the scope of work is completed.

Our Service Providers

We only work service providers who are highly sensitive to and well-aware of specific needs and challenges of humanitarian workers, activists, journalists, and the Internet freedom community members. This is because they regularly work with individuals and organizations who are subject to repressive regimes and/or vulnerable to malicious censorship and surveillance. Some of the services projects and people can take advantage of include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying and fostering strategic partnerships with company, funders, and thought leaders
  • Access to cloud infrastructure
  • Audits of software for security risks and technical expertise
  • Community events and strategy
  • User experience and design services
  • Community building support
  • Legal support
  • Localization of software and documentation
  • And much more!

Services are divided into two areas:

Labs are available to all OTF projects, and any project or organization who fit within OTF’s mission. They are designed help projects achieve sustainability by providing support in areas we believe have presented the most challenges to a large percentage of Internet freedom projects. Current labs include Community, Engineering, Legal, Localization, Usability, and Red Team.

Rapid Response Support
Rapid Response Support is designed to provide support to mitigate highly time-sensitive and urgent digital threats to Internet freedom, freedom of expression, and other human rights repressed online, specifically in repressive and transitional environments. While it consists of a fund and a fellowship, sometimes we can fill a request by providing services through our Labs, which are provided by our trusted partners who have experience working with the most at-risk populations.