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We fund & support open technology projects that promote human rights and open societies. We help advance inclusive and safe access to global communications networks.


Mailvelope Upgrades for Webmail Security, Resiliency, and Usability

By Bernhard Spirkl, Mailvelope A good encryption tool is only as good as its latest updates and its users' habits. The popular, open-source browser extension Mailvelope has been working since 2012 to make email encryption a more common practice—by making it as easy as...

Request for Proposal: OTF’s Undergraduate Research Program

Link to Undergraduate Research Program RFP Submit all proposals by May 25, 2024 About OTF OTF is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered in the District of Columbia. OTF is fully funded by the U.S. Government. OTF’s mission is to advance internet...

OTF provides financial support for projects through these funds & fellowships >>

OTF has supported 450+ projects to date.

Internet Freedom Fund

The Internet Freedom Fund is OTF’s primary way to support projects and people working on open and accessible technology-focused projects that promote human rights, Internet freedom, open societies.

Rapid Response Fund

The Rapid Response Fund aims to facilitate the digital emergency response community to resolve threats in a timely and comprehensive manner for individuals, communities, and organizations whose free expression has recently been repressed.

Surge and Sustain Fund

The Surge and Sustain Fund is the primary way that OTF provides resources to leading VPN and circumvention solutions to support user costs in highly restrictive environments.

Information Controls Fellowship

The Information Controls Fellowship Program (ICFP) cultivates research, outputs, and creative collaboration on topics related to repressive Internet censorship and surveillance.

Lab Fact

OTF has supported 450+ projects to date.

OTF provides service & training support for projects through these resource labs:
Localization Lab

Localization Lab

Making Internet freedom tools available in new languages.

Red Team Lab

Red Team Lab

Strengthening the security of open-source Internet freedom software.

Localization Lab

Secure Usability & Accessibility Lab

The Usability Lab aims to increase user safety and promote practical Internet freedom.

Localization Lab

Learning Lab

Telling the stories of projects and the results they produce.

Lab Fact

OTF provides ongoing project support for security audits, usability and user safety, translations, and community learning.

OTF Project Highlights: Círculo

Círculo is an open-source mobile safety app for female journalists and human rights defenders

OTF Project Highlights: VPNalyzer: Crowdsourced Investigation into Commercial VPNs

Research instrumentation to enable crowdsourced investigations into commercial VPNs​.

OTF Project Highlights: Ouinet

A technology utilizing peer-to-peer networking and distributed storage to route around censorship.

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global users circumvent online censorship with OTF-supported technologies


words translated in 240 languages and dialects


advisory council members from academia, industry, and civil society


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