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Umbrella is a mobile app that makes it easier for human rights defenders to work safely.

Security First has built a free, open-source app called Umbrella, which seeks to provide all the information needed for journalists, sources, human rights defenders and other at risk individuals to operate safely.

With step-by-step processes for every situation from sending a secure email to emergency evacuation – Umbrella will provide these individuals with a one-stop-shop for all the latest know-how of how to operate securely as and when they need it. It will provide users with how-to guides, risk assessments and checklists, along with optional customization, allowing users to securely and anonymously save their settings and track their progress. With OTF support, the second phase integrated a number of additional features, increased its availability in native languages and improved the mobile usability.

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Funding to date

2014 $150,032.00 6 months
2016 $107,400.00 6 months

Total Funding: $257,432.00

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