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Tor Metrics


Tor Metrics is the central mechanism The Tor Project uses to evaluate the functionality and ongoing relevance of these access and security technologies to the internet freedom community.

Tor users, funders, researchers, dependent software projects and other stakeholders all rely on Tor Metrics to review and build on Tor usage and technical measurements. This project will improve the quality, volume, and transparency of the metrics system used to measure the effectiveness of anonymity and censorship circumvention on the Tor Network. The outputs of this project will be a technical white paper on Tor Metrics data production, collection, aggregation, and presentation and a specification for statistical assessment of aggregate data.

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Current project status

Just an idea (Pre-alpha)
It exists! (Alpha/Beta)
It's basically done (Release)
People use it (Production)

Funding to date

2017 $73,700 12 months
Core Infrastructure Fund

Total Funding: $73,700

Addressed problems

  • Restrictive Internet filtering by technical methods (IP blocking, DNS filtering, TCP RST, DPI, etc.)
  • Repressive surveillance or monitoring of communication


  • Research


  • General public
  • Activists
  • Journalists
  • Advocacy groups/NGOs
  • Academia
  • Technologists


  • Global

Technology attributes

  • Not applicable

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