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Tor BSD Diversity Project

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The Tor BSD Diversity Project (TDP) is an initiative which extended the use of the BSD Unix operating systems in the Tor public anonymity network.

In a global anonymity network, monocultures are potentially disastrous. A single kernel vulnerability in GNU/Linux impacting Tor relays could be devastating. The project helped foster a stronger Tor network through increasing operating system diversity.

TDP’s project focused on several areas including but not limited to:

Providing relevant “simple English” documentation with translations for Tor operators on BSD systems;

-Relay guides in English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian and Polish;

-Documentation for building “small systems” on both FreeBSD and OpenBSD

-Documentation for Corporate Relays

-OpenBSD chroot how-to

-Conducting various promotion activities focused on the BSD community, including enlisting BSD-using commercial entities to run BSD relays with TDP providing assistance;

-Updating the equipment on active OpenBSD relays;

-Porting Onionshare to OpenBSD;

-Porting obfs4proxy to OpenBSD and FreeBSD;

-Migrating previous static reporting on the Tor network to JSON to highlight operating system-related diversity.

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Funding to date

2017 $40,000.00 9 months
Internet Freedom Fund

Total Funding: $40,000.00

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