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Fake Antenna Detection Project

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This project aims to develop the strategy proposed at the University of Washington Seaglass to detect the use of IMSI-Catchers in a standardized methodology within 3 cities in Latin America, in order to develop its promotion, technical tools and data obtained with local free speech organizations and/or independent media outlets in repressive, violent and under surveillance contexts.

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Current project status

Just an idea (Pre-alpha)
It exists! (Alpha/Beta)
It's basically done (Release)
People use it (Production)

Funding to date

2018 $137,190 12 months
Internet Freedom Fund

Total Funding: $137,190

Addressed problems

  • Repressive surveillance or monitoring of communication


  • Privacy enhancement


  • Deploying technology
  • Research


  • General public

Region(s) archive

  • Southern America

Project status

  • It Exists! (Alpha/Beta)

Technology attributes

  • Hardware/Embedded device(s)
  • Wireless Communication

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