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Rights Action Lab

The Rights Action Lab is focused on building the capabilities of three Tibetan civil society organizations (CSOs) so they can better respond to emergency response situations quickly and effectively.

Tibetans - both within organizations and individually - have inadequate resources to defend themselves from online threats because there is no formalized communication system or process for sharing information between different stakeholders, initiating research projects, or responding to attacks. There is a need for a permanent platform that enables Tibetan organizations to share, analyze, and develop real-time responses to threats, and facilitates engagement between researchers and the Tibetan community to analyze the particular threats Tibetans face, as well as potential solutions.

To achieve this, Rights Action Lab will build local capacity, create needed infrastructure, and institutionalize a digital security environment and culture at selected CSOs. They are working in partnership with Citizen Lab.

Funding to date

2021 $196,955.00 18 months
2017 $50,678.00 12 months
Internet Freedom Fund
2018 $244,051.00 24 months

Total Funding: $491,684.00

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