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Qubes OS


Qubes OS is a security-focused free and open source operating system.

Qubes OS is a security-focused free and open source operating system that tries to secure typical workflows through controlled interaction and minimize the attack surface for adversaries as much as possible through compartmentalization.

Unique to Qubes, it attempts to solve many insecurity issues by trying to completely isolate every app on a computer from other apps. This approach of not trusting apps is called Security by Compartmentalization. For example: one compartment could before browsing the web for personal reasons with the Chrome web browser. Should this compartment be compromised by a malicious website, it will not affect other compartments and can easily be destroyed and recreated without having to reinstall all of the computers other software. In addition, if used correctly, this approach eliminates the possibility of having contacts or other sensitive data put at risk.

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Funding to date

2014 $160,000.00 12 months
2016 $410,000.00 12 months

Total Funding: $570,000.00

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