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A technology utilizing peer-to-peer networking and distributed storage to route around censorship.

Ouinet is an open SDK powering the censorship-resilient, peer-to-peer functionality of apps such as CENO Browser and Paskoocheh. Built as an integration, it can be used by third-party applications to enable a network exchanged of cached data to circumvent censorship. OTF support for Ouinet will focus on integrating Webrecorder’s innovative web archival tools to enable the availability of web content peer-to-peer, available to content providers as a whitelabel application.

This project will add an important building block to the existing ecosystem of censorship circumvention tools, ultimately helping users access censored content and providers to distribute content despite network interference.

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Funding to date

2019 $251,010 12 months
Internet Freedom Fund
2022 $389,589 12 months

Total Funding: $640,599

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