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Osmocom Cellular Network Infrastructure

Osmocom Cellular Network Infrastructure

Osmocom aims to have fully-featured infrastructure elements for cellular networks implemented entirely in Open Source Software and provides alternatives to traditional cellular network infrastructure that is mainly made up of proprietary hardware and software with non-public documentation in hierarchical and centralized architecture which makes them easy to control and deploy variety of attacks against the people.

The Osmocom Cellular Network Infrastructure (CNI) project is a project aiming to create a Free / Open Source Software, (A)GPL-licensed software implementations for the GSM/3GPP protocol stacks and network elements, preferably as pure software implementations running on general-purpose computers. All our software is available in source code form, to anyone. 

The project activities are focused around these main goals:
* Better integration between the Osmocom 2G/3G core network elements and the open5gs 4G EPC (evolved packet core)
* Improving the stability, quality and maturity of the open5gs EPC by implementing functional test suites in TTCN-3
* Establishing interoperability with various base station hardware
* Support three trial deployments in rural Mexico with our partner Rhizomatica
* Organize a series of webinars for security researchers on how to use our tools for furthering their research projects

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Funding to date

2022 $203,446.00 12 months

Total Funding: $203,446.00

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