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Signal (Open Whisper Systems)


Developed by Open Whisper Systems (OWS), Signal is an easy to use mobile application that provides encrypted text messaging and voice and video calls relied on by billions of individuals around the globe.

Open Whisper Systems (OWS) produces the leading encrypted mobile communication tools utilized by Internet freedom defenders globally. These tools include TextSecure, RedPhone and Signal. The underlying Signal encryption protocol has been integrated into a variety of widely used messaging platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype. This has allowed well over two billion mobile users to benefit from end to end encryption. OTF’s most recent support enabled the OWS team to continue providing Signal at no cost around the globe and adapt their operations for a growing user base. OWS also implemented a numeric fingerprint format to improve localization, reduce the likelihood of a false comparison, and improve the user experience for users not reliant on the Latin alphabet.

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Funding to date

2012 $0.00 12 months
2013 $455,000.00 18 months
2014 $900,000.00 12 months
2015 $900,000.00 12 months
2016 $700,000.00 5 months

Total Funding: $2,955,000.00

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