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OLIP: The Offline Internet Platform


The Offline Internet Platform (OLIP) is a content distribution platform that is especially suitable for areas where Internet is censored or shutdown.

OLIP reinvents the Internet by creating an offline, open and uncensored Internet. OLIP acts as an “Internet buffer” between connected / uncensored areas and unconnected / censored areas. Using the Internet, anyone can download content from OLIP marketplace and install it on OLIP server. Once installed on OLIP server, the content can be served and distributed through a local WiFi network to multiple users in areas where Internet is censored or shutdown. OLIP is especially suitable for the diffusion of "cold" contents (encyclopedic knowledge, training tools, etc.).

How OLIP works?

OLIP is composed of 2 complementary layers:

  1. OLIP Server is a free and open source software that turns any computer into a local content distribution platform. Once installed on a computer, OLIP Server creates a local wifi network. Connected, users can access to pre-installed digital resources using a simple web browser. Resources can be files (video, sound, pdf, images) or web applications. When connected to the Internet, OLIP server can update and fetch new resources directly from OLIP Marketplace.
  2. OLIP Marketplace is an online application that allows any field actor to publish, access, search, browse and download multiple content repositories. OLIP Marketplace allows any organization to transform its content or web application into a format that can be read and downloaded by OLIP Server.
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Funding to date

2021 $55,456 12 months
Internet Freedom Fund

Total Funding: $55,456

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