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Mailvelope is an open source browser plugin that allows users to use OpenPGP standard to encrypt their webmail email services.

Mailvelope facilitates email encryption for users of browser based email providers. It comes as a browser extension and allows enhancement of existing web-mailers like Gmail™ or Yahoo™ with functionality to encrypt and decrypt mails. Mailvelope is based on the OpenPGP standard, offers key management, and is therefore compatible with existing PGP implementations.

This project aims to further develop Mailvelope by improving the usability of the current solution, adding more features to make Mailvelope competitive with existing PGP applications, improving the website and documentation, making the project more open to contributors and supporting multiple languages. A few of the high-level objectives for this project are:

1) Improve the automatic key exchange;

2) Improve key maintenance;

3) Update OpenPGP implementation;

4) Improve documentation, provide tutorial for beginners;

5) Localization efforts;

6) OpenPGP.js Updates; and,

7) Improve key discovery to make the key server abuse resistant and simplify the key search

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Funding to date

2021 $68,000.00 18 months
2013 $140,320.00 18 months
2017 $121,000.00 18 months

Total Funding: $329,320.00

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