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Icarus Project


Icarus Project is a technical research laboratory dedicated for testing, analyzing, documenting, and developing Internet censorship circumvention solutions.

The project aims to collect as many techniques as possible and document them in forms of technical analysis, and step-by-step implementation guides. The Icarus Project began in 2017 trying to collect, test, document, and develop Internet censorship circumvention techniques as a response to the rise of Internet censorship at the time. The idea began to be realized in 2019 through OTF's Information Controls Fellowship Program (ICFP), and hosted by Stratosphere Lab at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Currently, the project is focused on gathering, testing, and documenting censorship circumvention techniques in the Egyptian context for broader access and exploring and testing a variety of solutions with targeted media.

You can read more about the background for the Icarus Project by clicking here.

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Funding to date

2021 $113,572 12 months

Total Funding: $113,572

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