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Divvi Up

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Divvi Up is a privacy-respecting system for the collection of aggregate statistics such as application metrics.

Divvi Up takes a user-generated metric, from a mobile device, web browser, or other application, and divides the metric into two encrypted shares as it leaves the origin. One half of that metric is sent to a Divvi Up server, the other to a third-party server. When an application owner queries an aggregate statistic of its users, Divvi Up combines the divided metrics from all users and recombines them into a privacy-preserving aggregate. Divvi Up is a project of ISRG, the nonprofit behind Let's Encrypt and Prossimo for Memory Safety. Further information on Divvi Up can be found at

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Funding to date

2022 $845,444.00 15 months

Total Funding: $845,444.00

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