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Derechos Digitales


Derechos Digitales, assisted with bringing online privacy and anonymity to various communities in Latin America.

Some of the milestones of the project were: 

1) Working with partner organizations to setup Tor relays across the region to make the Tor network stronger. 

2) Researching and creating a framework to understand the legal context and threat model of operating Tor relays in some Latin American countries. 

3) Building localized materials to understand what is Tor, how to use it, how to operate relays and contribute to the community, etc. 

4) Building a dashboard to understand the participation of Latin America in the Tor network in terms of users and relay status by country and 

5) Organizing and participating in events to build capacity and promoting debate around Tor and other privacy and anonymity technologies across the region, including specific communities at risk like gender activists and journalists.

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Current project status

Just an idea (Pre-alpha)
It exists! (Alpha/Beta)
It's basically done (Release)
People use it (Production)

Funding to date

2017 $89,700 12 months
Internet Freedom Fund

Total Funding: $89,700

Addressed problems

  • Restrictive Internet filtering by technical methods (IP blocking, DNS filtering, TCP RST, DPI, etc.)
  • Blocking, filtering, or modification of political, social, and/or religious content (including apps)
  • Technical attacks against government critics, journalists, and/or human rights organizations (Cyberattacks)
  • Repressive surveillance or monitoring of communication


  • Deploying technology
  • Technology development
  • Training


  • General public
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Sexual minorities
  • Ethnic minorities
  • Activists
  • Journalists
  • Advocacy groups/NGOs
  • Academia
  • Technologists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Government
  • Other


  • Southern cone

Technology attributes

  • Anonymity

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