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Círculo is a mobile application which aims at enhancing resilience for women journalists and WHRDs in Mexico and Central America.

The goal of this project is to enhance resilience structures and the ability for women journalists and women human rights defenders (WHRDs) in Mexico and Central America to better respond to online and offline risks and insecurities through the cell phone application Círculo, which aims to reduce their isolation by forming trustworthy peer support groups, and digital safe spaces. When these women feel they can no longer continue in their line of work because of the threats, risks and harms that they experience because of their gender and profession, crucial voices that represent issues, needs and perspectives of many become absent in the public debate. A silencing of these voices adversely affects freedom of expression and narrows the channels of access to information. Therefore, an application like Círculo can help women feel more secure, supported and never alone and allow women journalists and WHRDs to continue their incredibly important work which is vital for all democratic societies. This is women-led tech, originally designed to address gender-based violence in the USA and has been proven to be effective. Círculo itself has been built in Mexico -through a participatory process- to address the specific context of the country (its levels of impunity, public insecurity, digital divide, violence against journalists, among others), with a human rights and gender perspective, for women journalists and WHRDs in the countries.

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Funding to date

2020 $277,514 12 months
2019 $4,000 1 months
Community Lab

Total Funding: $281,514

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