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A list of all the projects we've supported since 2012


FreeWeChat is a platform where censored WeChat public posts are compiled and posted in real time.

Open Integrity Index

Open Integrity is a platform allowing the collaborative fact-checking of software security and privacy claims.


Clatter is a suite of extremely lightweight and standalone libraries, which aims to create common protocols and standards for existing projects to add in …

K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail is the go-to mobile secure email application for Internet Freedom defenders globally.

Arabic Circumvention User support

This project aims to enable those in the MENA region to bypass Internet censorship by providing dedicated Arabic language user support for widely used cir…

Emergency Response to CyberAttacks in the Tibetan Community

The Tibetan community has been under siege from malware and other targeted online attacks for years; the Tibetan exile capital of Dharamsala, India is per…

Net Alert

Net Alert brought together well respected researchers in the circumvention tech space to investigate targeted digital attacks against at-risk populations.…


SourcesDB is an open-source annotation tool and database for social media sources that gives a rich view of metadata that can help establish the credibili…

MENA Needfinding Initiative

SecondMuse is applying a human-centered design approach to better understand the needs of activists in the MENA region, specifically Tunisian journalists.

Tor Bridge Distribution

This project aims to improve the overall distribution of Tor Bridges.

Yemeni Internet Access Initiative

Internet activists, journalists, human rights advocates, and many others in Yemen are now largely unable to access the Internet due to escalation of the o…


Lantern is a free peer-to-peer internet censorship circumvention tool that delivers fast, reliable, and secure access to the open internet. It provides a …


Briar is an open source messaging app designed for activists, journalists, and anyone else who needs a safe, easy, and robust way to communicate. Users ca…


Serval allows users to communicate when the usual mobile phone network is unavailable, as in disaster situations, remote areas without infrastructure or p…


Tails provides a platform to solve many digital threats by “doing the right thing” out of the box by default, protecting even less tech-savvy users from t…

Information Controls and Election Monitoring Group

It is expected that heavier information controls will be imposed around political events such as an election, when access to information is highly critica…

Documenting Information Controls in Iran

To better understand internet censorship, shutdowns and other forms of information controls in Iran, this project will use innovative methods to document …


NoScript is a popular privacy and security enhancing browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and is pre-installed in the Tor Browser.

PushSecure - Secure Push Services for All Mobile Apps

PushSecure is a way for apps from differing developers to send push messages between their apps using a federated and decentralized architecture while pro…

Subgraph OS

SubgraphOS is a desktop operating system that is designed to be both usable for non-technical users and secure against active interference and targeted at…

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