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A list of all the projects we've supported since 2012

Digital Security Lab



Serverless Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) system internet censorship circumvention utility
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Fake Antenna Detection Project


Internet Outage Detection and Analysis

IODA is an operational prototype system that monitors the Internet, in near-realtime, to identify macroscopic Internet outages affecting the edge of t...

The influence of cyber warfare during elections in Kyrgyzstan

Security Support for Sexual Minority Groups in Nigeria

Security Policy Generator

Souriatna Emergency Project


This project will build a research framework for individuals analyzing information controls through network measurements.

Server-Side Blocking: Characterizing and Measuring Service Provider’s Discrimination

Current efforts to understand nation-state censorship often neglects the existence of server-side blocking, when private companies such as VPN providers...


This project seeks to build a suite of provisioning tooling to allow for automated deployment and management of OSS groupware tools, secure communicatio...

Human Rights Internet Censorship Dashboards for South-East Asia

The project is focused on providing an accessible means of understanding censorship occurring in Southeast Asia.

BIND9 QNAME minimization

ISC develops and maintains BIND, one of the most widely-used open source software applications for running a DNS resolver.


CGIProxy is “the original anti-censorship software,” allowing anyone anywhere to view and share web content.

Research Methods Workshop in Internet Policy in Africa

Research Methods Workshop for Internet Policy in Africa was held from February 26 to March 3, 2018.

Securing Domain Validation

This project aims to secure Internet domain validation against attackers that manipulate Internet routing via Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijack and i...

Sub-Saharan Africa Cyber Threat Modeling

This project detected, documented, and analyzed current and emerging cyber threats with a long term goal to mitigate their impact on users at risk in sp...


NewNode is the first decentralized peer-to-peer content delivery protocol, enabling data distribution free from censorship, spying, and attack.

Adversary Lab

Adversary Lab is a service that analyzes captured network traffic to extract statistical properties.

Derechos Digitales

Derechos Digitales, assisted with bringing online privacy and anonymity to various communities in Latin America.