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Projects we support

A list of all the projects we've supported since 2012


OpenNet Africa

The OpenNet Africa initiative is working to bolster digital rights and security knowledge for at-risk groups in five African countries.


‘Umbrella’ is a mobile app that seeks to provide all the information needed for journalists, sources, human rights defenders and other at risk individua...

Greatfire - Expanding Collateral Freedom

Monitoring and challenging internet censorship in China

Transparency Toolkit

Transparency Toolkit is open source software that lets journalists, activists, and human rights workers chain together tools to collect, combine, visual...

Proxy Looking Glass

Proxy Looking Glass (PLG) aims to build a safe, feasible alternative for technical data collection for forensic analysis of attacks, intrusions, interfe...

Iran Cyber Dialogue

Iran Cyber Dialogue (ICD) is an annual global conference on ICT development, human rights and diplomacy.

IREX Trainers Summit

IREX implemented a Trainers Summit, which built capacity to raise the standards of digital security trainers, set the agenda for improving circumvention...


As part of Rightscon, Benetech and Access co-hosted a Demo Room, which brought together lightning talks with thought leaders, highlighted emerging voice...


Satori provides tamper-resistant downloads of circumvention and security tools often blocked in repressive countries, such as Iran and China.

CIRCLean/Kitten Groomer

In many repressive countries USB data transfer is the most common method of transferring information but presents significant security concerns.

Magic Folders

Magic Folders will be a safer, free and open source alternative to existing cloud storage solutions that people in repressive countries can use to colla...

Battle Testing

This project aims to find a solution to some of the disconnects between tool developers, digital security trainers, and end-users in the Internet freedo...


A secure group messaging protocol allowing instantaneous communications between any number (n) of people

Qubes OS

Qubes OS is a security-focused free and open source operating system that tries to secure typical workflows through controlled interaction and minimize ...

Subgraph OS

SubgraphOS is a desktop operating system that is designed to be both usable for non-technical users and secure against active interference and targeted ...

PushSecure - Secure Push Services for All Mobile Apps

PushSecure created a decentralized way for apps from differing developers to send push messages between their apps using a federated and decentralized a...


NoScript is a popular privacy and security enhancing browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and is pre-installed in the Tor Browser.

Documenting Information Controls in Iran

To better understand internet censorship, shutdowns and other forms of information controls in Iran, this project will use innovative methods to documen...

Information Controls and Election Monitoring Group

It is expected that heavier information controls will be imposed around political events such as an election, when access to information is highly criti...


Tails provides a platform to solve many digital threats by “doing the right thing” out of the box by default, protecting even less tech-savvy users from...