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Projects we support

A list of all the projects we've supported since 2012

Critical web infrastructure updates

Providing necessary security updates to websites on the May First/People Link

Dark Crystal

Dark Crystal is a protocol for distributed data persistence and threshold-based consensus.
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Tella is a mobile tool that protects journalists and human rights defenders facing repressive surveillance.

Secure UX Design Method

Developing a how-to guide for researchers, engineers, product managers, designers, and teams who are working with highly at-risk communities.


Zanga is an Arabic-speaking third-party app store facilitating access to circumvention, privacy and digital security tools.

Security Training and Support for LGBTIQ Communities and Allies in Indonesia

Providing holistic digital security training for LGBTIQ organizations in Indonesia.

Evolving Censorship Evasion Strategies

This project seeks to automate the censorship circumvention process, training AI to quickly test and learn viable circumvention techniques.

5G and Human Rights

5G and human rights: the societal risks of network virtualization and autonomation in new digital communication infrastructures.

Reproducible Builds

Reproducible Builds creates an independently-verifiable path from source code to software


Developing an open source library that offers tools for offline-network communication based on sending data through BlueTooth, WiFi, and ultrasonic-sound …


Improving the digital security of independent media and human rights organizations by developing and deploying censorship-resistant WireGuard-based VPN co…


Awala is a new computer network where compatible apps use the Internet as-normal when it's available, but are able to switch to a secure sneakernet when t…

Azerbaijan Internet Watch

Azerbaijan Internet Watch (AIW) was launched in October 2019 to track Azerbaijan's internet freedom landscape in real-time.
qual net logo is a multi-platform, secure, anonymous internet-independent WiFi communication application for and by people in repressive countries.

Digital Security Skill-Building for Grassroots NGOs in Mexico

Improving long-term digital security practices for at-risk groups in Mexico.


Helping to document and monitor security interventions.


DEfO is developing an implementation of the encrypted ClientHello (ECH) mechanism for OpenSSL, which is a widely used library that provides an implementat…


Building a more secure, accessible and resilient WireGuard VPN protocol.


Helping human rights organizations in repressive contexts better utilize Tahoe-LAFS, an open source, secure option for file storage, sharing, and manageme…

Measuring and Countering Slowdown as a Censorship Mechanism

Measuring and countering throttling as a censorship mechanism.

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