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Projects we support

A list of all the projects we've supported since 2012

Azerbaijan Internet Watch

This project will address the large information gap that currently exists around critical developments related to Internet freedom in Azerbaijan, which ...
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A multi-platform, secure, anonymous internet-independent WiFi communication application for and by people in repressive countries

Digital Security Skill-Building for Grassroots NGOs in Mexico

Improving long-term digital security practices for at-risk groups in Mexico


Helping document and monitor security interventions


The DEfO project will work on Encrypted Server Name Indication (ESNI) for the OpenSSL library - the most commonly used software for providing TLS encryp...


Building a more secure, accessible and resilient WireGuard VPN protocol


Helping human rights organizations in repressive contexts better utilize Tahoe-LAFS, an open source, secure option for file storage, sharing, and manage...

Slowdowns as Censorship

Measuring and countering throttling as a censorship mechanism


Preserving media content in the face of censorship
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Delta Chat

Enabling decentralized secure messaging utilizing email provider infrastructure

FORT RPKI Validator

Routing Technology for a Free and Open Internet


A technology utilizing peer-to-peer networking and distributed storage to enable censorship circumvention

Strengthening Digital Security for Journalists and HRDs in Mexico


PyPI Improvements

Helping increase the security and reach of the Python Package Index (PyPI)


Furthering the development of MassBrowser, a volunteer-driven censorship circumvention tool.

Tor Onion Services

The Tor Project will improve onion services, one of the few censorship circumvention technologies that allow users to route around censorship while simu...

Improving Test Lists of Censored Online Content

Netalitica is a research-oriented organization focusing on investigation of information controls and Internet filtering in censorship hot spots around t...

Ukraine Censorship Monitoring

Over the past year and a half, Ukraine has changed from having near total internet freedom to serious systematic blocking across a range of websites. T...

Claims and Memes Database

The Claims and Memes Database (CMDb) is a programmer accessible repository of fact-checked claims and debunked visual misinformation from internet repre...

Onions on Apples

This project expands the development of Onion Browser - the only open-source, privacy-enhancing, Tor-enabled browser for iOS.