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A list of all the projects we've supported since 2012

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NthLink is a simple, powerful circumvention tool providing access to the open internet in the world's most heavily censored environments.
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Psiphon is one of the most technically advanced and widely used circumvention tools in the world, providing access to uncensored content to millions of us…


oLink is a firewall circumvention open-source tool set. It enables content providers from a free country like the US to target their audience in China.
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Preparing Tor Browser for Android for Mainstream Adoption

An important change is coming to the Tor Browser for Android: By September 2020, Mozilla will depreciate Fennec, the version of mobile Firefox on which T…

Critical web infrastructure updates


Dark Crystal

A protocol for distributed data persistence and threshold-based consensus, Dark Crystal has multiple possible applications in security-oriented tools.
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Secure UX Design Method

Developing a how-to guide for researchers, engineers, product managers, designers, and teams who are working with highly at-risk communities.


Creating an open source app store customized for MENA region users

Security Training and Support for LGBTIQ Communities and Allies in Indonesia

Providing holistic digital security training for LGBTIQ organizations in Indonesia

Evolving Censorship Evasion Strategies

This project seeks to automate the censorship circumvention process, training AI to quickly test and learn viable circumvention techniques.

5G and Human Rights

This project will analyze the societal risks of network virtualization and autonomation in new digital communication infrastructures.

Reproducible Builds

Creating an independently-verifiable path from source code to software


Developing an open source library that offers tools for offline-network communication based on sending data through BlueTooth, WiFi, and ultrasonic-sound …


Improving the digital security of independent media and human rights organizations by developing and deploying censorship-resistant WireGuard-based VPN co…


Building networked apps that can remain connected in the event of a complete Internet shutdown

Azerbaijan Internet Watch

This project will address the large information gap that currently exists around critical developments related to Internet freedom in Azerbaijan, which ha…
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A multi-platform, secure, anonymous internet-independent WiFi communication application for and by people in repressive countries

Digital Security Skill-Building for Grassroots NGOs in Mexico

Improving long-term digital security practices for at-risk groups in Mexico