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Projects we support

A list of all the projects we've supported since 2012


NewNode Channels

NewNode is an end-to-end encrypted messenger built upon a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) and device-to-device (D2D) content delivery system. NewNode Cha…
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ConnectCon will bring together 50 new digital security trainers from six countries in Southern Africa to explore synergies, foster collaboration, and stre…


Bitpart is a chatbot engine that will enable easy, mass communication of news, software, organizing information, or any other kind of broadcast data via s…
SR2 Communications (300dpi)

The Tor Project Relay Operator Community Health

A project to research the health of the Tor Network and the participating relay operators which are critical to the continued operation of the network.

ACME for .onion domains

A project to standardise extensions to the ACME protocol to allow its use for issuing TLS certificates to Tor hidden services.
eclipsis offers pro-bono managed cloud services to the internet freedom community.
Osmocom Cellular Network Infrastructure

Osmocom Cellular Network Infrastructure

Osmocom aims to have fully-featured infrastructure elements for cellular networks implemented entirely in Open Source Software and provides alternatives …


0xche is a horizontal group of hackers who through offensive security aims to strengthen the security systems of activist and civil society organizations …

VPNalyzer: Crowdsourced Investigation into Commercial VPNs

Research instrumentation to enable crowdsourced investigations into commercial VPNs​.
Divviup - Full color logo - Large@2x

Divvi Up

Divvi Up is a privacy-respecting system for the collection of aggregate statistics such as application metrics.


A full-featured SSL/TLS based VPN solution.

Disguiser: End-to-End Censorship Measurement

This project measures and investigates global censorship activities and its deployment through an end-to-end framework that enables ground truth for autom…
Mobile Surveillance Monitor

Mobile Surveillance Monitor

Mobile Surveillance Monitor (MSM) is a multi-source threat intelligence solution, designed to analyze and provide insights into active surveillance threat…

Global Surveillance Tracker

The Global Surveillance Tracker is an open-source archive of information on surveillance around the world.

Protecting At-Risk Populations from Surveillance, Censorship, and Targeted Attacks

Protecting At-Risk Populations from Surveillance, Censorship, and Targeted Attacks is a reverse-engineering effort implemented by Arizona State Universit…

SMS Without Borders

SMS Without Borders (SWoB) is a platform that enables users without access to an active internet connection to continue communicating with online services…

Icarus Project

Icarus Project is a technical research laboratory dedicated for testing, analyzing, documenting, and developing Internet censorship circumvention solution…


Filezilla is a secure, free, and open-source, cross-platform FTP (file transfer protocol) application

The Observatory on Social Media

The Observatory on Social Media investigates the diffusion of (mis)information, uncovers the vulnerabilities of the media ecosystem, and increases the res…

OLIP: The Offline Internet Platform

The Offline Internet Platform (OLIP) is a content distribution platform that is especially suitable for areas where Internet is censored or shutdown.

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