Helping human rights organizations in repressive contexts better utilize Tahoe-LAFS, an open source, secure option for file storage, sharing, and management.

This two-phase project will focus on deploying Tahoe-LAFS through partnerships with several human rights organizations, enabling them to better protect the sensitive information they handle in their work. This information often contains multiple layers of sensitivity and requires varying forms of protection. For example, human rights organizations need to protect information stored on workers’ devices, information in transit between communicating parties, and information both at rest and in transit on organization infrastructure. In addition, there is the need to ensure that services run by the organizations (both public and internal) are operational, updated, and secure.

This project seeks to address the threats to information at rest and shared within the organization by deploying Tahoe-LAFS, which offers secure file storage and sharing capabilities. Ultimately, the project also seeks to make it easier for more organizations to deploy the tool themselves.